The Pumpkin Carving Showdown

Happy (almost) Halloween! While there are lots of wonderful things happening in the fall, pumpkin carving is one of my favorites! I hope that you’ve been getting a kick every year out of all our Halloween-Pumpkin Decorating & Carving contest over the past years. And if you’re new to our scary tradition we hope that you will enjoy it this upcoming year!

Creativity comes in all sorts of ways, and I’ll be celebrating the spooky holiday for a few weeks in a row  by mixing up a festive cocktails, decorating my house, or getting my tools ready for my winning pumpkin.

Our holiday tradition is a memorable one that started 6 years ago by suggesting carving or decorating some pumpkins for halloween with the in-laws. Not only is it Husker football season we pair that with great food.

This idea of carving/decorating pumpkins quickly escalated into a competitive life or death contest.  Nick & his dad can carve the best pumpkins, they could actually go on the Food Network with the pumpkin carvers and probably win something. 

Pictured below this would be our first year pumpkins. Sad but true, these sad looking hobbits was what we thought at the time were masterpieces. And to nobody’s surprise a nine year old beat out all of the adults. Now that I look back at these, I honestly don’t know which ones were the adults. (except mine the “bedazzled” one as Lisa calls it) so SAD.

Featured below is this adorable ghost that took first place. ~ Grabast Family Win